3 Year Olds

3 Year OldsBy the time children get to our three-year-old program many of them have established a sense of security and comfort. They are developing meaningful peer relationships and are becoming more independent. In our three-year-old program children will gain a better understanding of their sense of self, develop self-help skills, reason and problem solve, follow classroom rules and routines, and become an active participant in the classroom community.

Children have the opportunity to explore the classroom environment and make independent choices while also participating in developmentally appropriate Teacher directed activities. Teachers monitor and assess the children’s progress in the following areas: Language skills, Motor skills(small/large), Cognitive skills, Preschool Skills, and Social/Emotional development. The three-year-olds participate in yoga and All School Sing with musician Lou Gallo. There are visits from members of the community, including: The fire department, dentist, and mail carrier.

Classes Offered:

Times: 9:00-12:00