4 Year Olds

Hull table activityOur four-year-old program is filled with enriching lessons and activities that will foster the learning experience for those children who will be ready to head off to Kindergarten the following year. Four-year-olds are still trying to make sense of their independence. Many four-year-olds are beginning to self-regulate. Social and Emotional learning plays a great part in our four-year-old program. Children will learn how to cooperate, work in small and large groups, reason and problem solve, and understand what it means to be part of the learning community. The four-year-olds participate in yoga and All School Sing with musician Lou Gallo. There are visits from members of the community, including: The fire department, dentist, and veterinarian.

Our four-year-old program incorporates Handwriting Without TearsĀ®. This program provides developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies that teach children letters, numbers, shapes, body awareness, sequencing and sharing. To learn more about HWOT, visit www.hwtears.com

Classes offered:

Times: 9:00 am-12:00pm