Bettina Vozeh - Assistant Teacher - 2 1/2  Year Old Class
Gina Argo

Bettina began her career in the corporate world and after 12 years at Chase Manhattan Leasing Company, retired to raise her family.  She then started working as an assistant teacher at Redeemer Christian Nursery School where her own children attended. Her mother-in-law had taught there for 25 years and had some of the current LEAP staff members as students! Bettina was an assistant teacher in the the 2 ½ and 4-year-old classes for 9 years at Redeemer and has been an assistant in the 2 ½ year old for the past 6 years at LEAP. 

Bettina lives in Ramsey with her husband Bruce, 3 adult kids and 2 dogs.